The Impact of Body Mass Index and Diabetes Mellitus on Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Abdelfatah M, Mohamed A, Tarek A

Background: The incidence of obesity and diabetes mellitus (DM) is increasing worldwide and are associated with an adverse health outcome. Aim: To evaluate the impact of obesity and DM on overall survival (OS) of adult patients with AML. Methods: A retrospective data from AML patients between (2002-2011). Body mass index (BMI) of < 18.5 defined as underweight, 25-30 was defined as overweight, and >30 as obesity. DM patients had Hemoglobin A1C ≥ 6.5 or fasting blood sugar ≥126 mg/dL. Results: A Total of 187 patients with median age of 70 years, 98 were men. Median BMI was 28.7. 34 patients (18%) had normal BMI, 10 (5%) were underweight, 59 (32%) were overweight, and 84 (45%) were obese. 26 patients (14%) had DM and 161 patients (86%) were not Diabetic, Median OS was 23 weeks; with 46 weeks in normal BMI, 30 weeks in overweight, 14 weeks in obese, and 15 weeks in underweight (p=0.32). According to DM subgroups; median OS was 22 weeks in non-diabetic patients and 37 weeks in diabetic patients (p =0.42). Conclusions: Obesity and DM did not show statistically significant association with OS in AML patients. Larger prospective studies are needed to understand this relationship better.

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