Biochemical Characterization of Lung Cancer Tissue: A Spectroscopic Investigation

Mehrotra R, Ray B, Chaturvedi H

Lung cancer is one of the leading cancer with poor survival rate worldwide. The present investigation is dedicated to biochemical characterization of lung tissues (cancerous as well as normal) using a vibrational spectroscopic approach and thereby, defining infrared markers, which can be utilized to discriminate cancerous lung tissue from its normal counterpart. Post-surgical histopathological tissues (eight cases) were obtained from normal and cancerous sections of a lung tissue microarray. Infrared spectra of eight cases of lung cancer patients of different age groups (45 years to 72 years, 6 male and two female) with different grades of malignancy were acquired using Varian 660-IR spectrophotometer in transmission mode. Significant spectral differences were observed in the molecular signatures of proteins, nucleic acid, lipids and carbohydrates. Absorbance intensity ratios of particular spectral regions have been determined, which further provides detailed insight into pathological state of a cell/tissue. The obtained results may add a part in comprehending structural changes in a cell/tissue and may provide basis to ensure the applicability of this method as an alternative screening approach, when combined with multivariate analysis.

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